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Detail Drawings

The Weatherdek system includes a complete line of accessories and components designed specifically for use with our Weatherdek membranes.  Adhesives, flashing, trims, specialty items such as PVC clad drains and scuppers, Weatherdek has matched all required components to ensure your complete deck system works together to protect your investment.

L-Trim Outside Edge

PVC Clip Outside Edge

PVC Coated Drip Flashing Outside Edge

PVC Coated Drip Flashing Concrete Outside Edge

L-Trim Concrete Outside Edge

Wrapped Outside Edge

Inside Edge

L-Trim Inside Edge

Masonry Inside Edge

Tie In To Existing Membrane Inside Edge

WDD1 Deck Drain

PVC Coated Deck Drain

PVC Coated Box Scupper

PVC Coated Overflow Drain