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Product Care

Weatherdek waterproof vinyl deck membranes are virtually maintenance free; however, like any outdoor product, your deck surface will likely accumulate some dirt, dust or debris over time.  To help keep your Weatherdek surface looking great and maximize the life of your vinyl sundeck it should be cleaned 3 – 4 times per year.

Here are a few simple tips for cleaning your Weatherdek surface:


Use a push broom or leaf blower to remove any loose dirt or debris from the surface.  Wet the entire deck surface using a garden hose or bucket and allow the water to sit for a few minutes.  Use a mild dish soap solution in warm water, and scrub the surface with a stiff bristle brush or broom to loosen dirty areas.  Rinse the entire deck area well with a garden hose and allow to dry.

If this does not completely clean the surface repeat washing with the soap solution and brush in areas that may require a little more scrubbing, and re-rinse with clean water.

Light pressure washing is also acceptable.  Do not exceed 1500 psi (max), and keep the nozzle at least 12” from the surface.  Special care should be taken when spraying near heat welded seams, railing posts, house trims and any areas where a sealant or caulking has been applied.


These are often situations where stronger cleaning solutions may be necessary.  Citrus based hand cleaner, or spray cleaners can be used on oil, grease or wet paint spills but continuous or repeated use will breakdown the top coat and is not covered under warranty.  Always rinse well with clean water after cleaning.

Snow & Ice

Use a plastic snow shovel to remove snow.  Inspect shovel for any sharp edges prior to use.  Rock salt and other ice melter chemicals can be used to remove ice build up, however the surface must be cleaned thoroughly with soap and water prior to being exposed to the spring or summer sun and heat.


The only maintenance, other than regular cleaning, is inspecting areas where a caulking may have been used to seal around posts, pillars, siding, vents and drains. Sometimes the deck structure to which the vinyl is sealed can move or shift and the caulking seal can be broken. Yearly inspection of these areas will uncover such problems and your Weatherdek Dealer can supply the proper caulking to repair these seals.


Never let vegetable matter such as leaves lay on the deck surface for long periods of time.  Their stains can be very difficult to remove.

Do not use abrasive cleaning compounds or scrubbing pads as these may damage the surface.  Under no circumstances should solvent chemicals or thinners be used as these will harm the finish and appearance of the membrane.

Use caution when moving heavy or sharp objects and avoid dragging such items across the surface.

Download the product care .pdf file:

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact your local Weatherdek Dealer.

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